Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year..

Brings in a new website!

I got to playing around and decided to make some changes. For better or worse I am not sure but I did a lot of messing around with divs! Cheated in some areas with tables but ssssssh. No one really has to know.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Color Theory

This fall I took a Color Theory class as part of the required courses to get a Web Design certificate. It was not a stress free ride either. In fact it was a head ache and I am pretty sure I drove a good friend up the wall. Side note: Insecure people/those who doubt themselves should not go into a field where you need to trust your instincts. Or if you do, you'd better find your confidence, latch on, and never let it hide on you again.

Some things I did that may or may not be note worthy (oh lookie my self confidence went and hid again. See that? Yeah thats what you need to look for right there.) OK let try this again.... here are some things I did in class!

This was a test on mood. Its since been modified but the new version and reason for its existence is a secret. If you are intrigued well you'll just have to stay tuned. 

We had to come up with a product and label. I picked scented oils, named it something unimaginative and then made a logo out of fonts. The bottle is pretty much my creation... I stole the shape and the top but the coloring on the front is me and me alone. The Christmas tree is mine too...

Atmospheric Perspective. And goodness did I stress over this! It wasn't until spring of this year that I really learned I could draw. I got pretty good at shading if I do say so myself. Better than I thought I was since I went into the class convinced that the only thing I could draw well was stick figures. Anyway, this picture was done in pastels. Something I've never really messed with. The dark smudges in the water was somewhat of a mistake that I tried to correct. Hah. But I was pretty happy with it. Now to only learn how to do clouds!