Sunday, May 1, 2011


The final class needed to complete my Web Design Certificate degree was Illustrator. I took it the same time as I did Multimedia Animation and I'm very happy that I did! I think if I had taken Multi Media earlier and without Illustrator, that class would have been harder to do. To say the least, I enjoy drawing in Illustrator more than flash or any other program.

Project 1: Create a flower arrangement

Project 2: Create a Banner for a textile Museum. Some sort of pattern needed to be used.

Project 3: Dust jacket cover for a book titled Recovering Eden. 

Since I already used Remington Steele and Scarecrow and Mrs. King in my other class as well as the Bonnet House, I decided why not here too? It didn't matter where we got the images from! And if I hated the live tracing tool and being limited to only a few colors, I decided I should amuse myself this way instead. I just realized I didn't save the final copy of it either so it isn't even completed. The title looked a little snazzier.

Since the image is quite big here is sections of it blown up:
 The synopsis on the front flap is:

Amanda couldn’t believe it. Five years chasing down stories and she’d never lost her cool before. Now the woman who thrived on excitement would be forced to kick up her heels and relax.

The Recovering Eden mental health spa is a place where peace and tranquility reign. But leave it to Amanda to be in the middle of everything that could go wrong.

Accidents begin happening around the spa. Detective Lee of the local PD is convinced the culprits are just local teens having fun. Amanda isn’t so sure and she intends to get to the bottom of it. But when Lee seems more interested in investigating her heart, Amanda fears that her temper might not be the only thing that needs reigning in.

Blinding Flash of Frustration

In order to finish up my Web Design Certificate I had to take Multimedia Animation. The class taught you how to create animated characters and import and animate them into the Adobe Flash program. I struggled a lot with this.

First off, I have a problem drawing the human form. Check out my first attempt.

Project 1:   Bouncing Ball
This was our first assignment of the semester. We needed to create a character and a pet to go with it. I created Lexie-- a quiet bookworm who spends her days in the park with her mischievous cat sidekick, Shadow.

I used Illustrator to draw Lexie. Out of Flash and Photoshop, I found Illustrator easier and much more forgiving when trying to draw things yourself.

Project 2: The Day You Were Born
The second project was centered around the theme the day we were born. It could be the year, month or day. I chose to do 1983 as a whole and connected it to the present. Yes, that is correct, I am an 80's TV junkie, I like Reba McEntire and I still enjoy Mario Brothers and Disney movies! Things only get better with age!

Project 3: A Day in the Park
Actually, the night the first project was due, I decided I really hated how Lexie looked and wanted to see if I could draw her better. So I redid her.

For a day in the park, we had to animate a story. After all the pain and hair pulling Lexie put me through... I decided to pay her back in kind. The background for this needed to either be a 3d set or taken from a photograph.  I thought I had enough to deal with in Flash that I went with a photograph I took over spring break at the Bonnet House in Ft. Lauderdale.