Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blinding Flash of Frustration

In order to finish up my Web Design Certificate I had to take Multimedia Animation. The class taught you how to create animated characters and import and animate them into the Adobe Flash program. I struggled a lot with this.

First off, I have a problem drawing the human form. Check out my first attempt.

Project 1:   Bouncing Ball
This was our first assignment of the semester. We needed to create a character and a pet to go with it. I created Lexie-- a quiet bookworm who spends her days in the park with her mischievous cat sidekick, Shadow.

I used Illustrator to draw Lexie. Out of Flash and Photoshop, I found Illustrator easier and much more forgiving when trying to draw things yourself.

Project 2: The Day You Were Born
The second project was centered around the theme the day we were born. It could be the year, month or day. I chose to do 1983 as a whole and connected it to the present. Yes, that is correct, I am an 80's TV junkie, I like Reba McEntire and I still enjoy Mario Brothers and Disney movies! Things only get better with age!

Project 3: A Day in the Park
Actually, the night the first project was due, I decided I really hated how Lexie looked and wanted to see if I could draw her better. So I redid her.

For a day in the park, we had to animate a story. After all the pain and hair pulling Lexie put me through... I decided to pay her back in kind. The background for this needed to either be a 3d set or taken from a photograph.  I thought I had enough to deal with in Flash that I went with a photograph I took over spring break at the Bonnet House in Ft. Lauderdale.

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