Monday, June 13, 2011

Keeping Busy

The month of May turned out to be a busy one! I performed in Immeasurable Theatre's The Tale of Peter Rabbit on May 13th and 15th. The play took place at an outdoor Ampitheatre in Wellington. We were scheduled to perform on the 14th as well but due to Florida's unpredictable weather patterns, we were forced to cancel much to the dismay of cast and crew. But that didn't dampen our spirits for long! We had an amazing run. Seeing the kids smiling faces and hearing their reactions to what we were doing on stage was a whole new experience and one I will never forget. I played the part of Benjamin Bunny. A forgetful, clumsy, little rabbit and cousin to Peter. Those who know me might be tempted to say it was a type casting!

Right after curtain closed, I began an internship for design at Florida Stage. Most of the work I did was taking pre-existing images and creating banners for their mailing lists and Facebook page. I was with them for little over a month when they were forced to file for bankruptcy and close their doors forever. For 25 years, Florida Stage had been showcasing new work. I was heartbroken. Not only because I was missing out on more work opportunity but because a piece of South Florida history was lost that day. Along with the opportunities that Florida Stage gave for up and coming talent. 

I have high hopes of more work coming to me this summer but for now... it is back to the drawing board! Or just fiddling around with my friend's blog design.