Thursday, January 5, 2012

#Tweets, #RTs, #DMs... Anyone else #lost?

This week I jumped feet first into the wonderful world of self-promotion. And I landed right on my head. The final score: Twitter 2 / Maggie 0

Twittering, when used correctly, is said to be a valuable marketing tool. It is a way to get connected with people who share in your interests, your pain and sometimes even your fears. It is also a way to connect to those who might be interested in what you're trying to sell.

So far I have trouble reading past all the #hashtags. Which by the way, up until a month ago, I thought putting the number sign in front of words was just another hip internet trend. I'd see this on Facebook and be completely lost. Little did I know they were the mark of popular topics people have been twittering about.

Back in November, I became a co-author with the release of The Healer and the Pirate. Since we chose to self-publish we now must self-promote. I think promoting via Twitter is a little like fishing. You cast a line out there, and you know your hook is short but hopefully it is flashy enough, and you'll reel in a prime catch. The trick is to be patient. See what works and what doesn't and try something else.

I am not sure how many people I've reeled in but a few have reeled me in! Can we say FREE BOOK alerts? I am there! Not to mention the plethora of useful articles people post, giveaways, contests and other fun tidbits. 

If you wish to join some twitter mayhem and keep up with my fight score between Twitter and myself, follow me @MaggiePhillippi! I enjoy a more personal connection so I won't be just an anonymous follower.

I look forward to seeing you!